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Engagement Models

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We understand the value of your time and money. Therefore, we come up with the solutions to provide you the best engagement models that help you plan and make decisions, easier and faster. We want our clients to enjoy the benefits of offshore development, affordable cost plans, quality delivery and a team they can rely on.

  • Fixed Price
    Pre-established specifications

    This engagement model is best suited for clients who have a clear idea of what they want, added with fixed set of requirements and the timeframe allocated for the project. On the basis of the details provided, the timeframe is planned and milestones are set. Every milestone has a delivery time and costing associated with it.

    Only after everything is agreed upon by both parties, the project starts. The client is updated once in every 2 days, thereby ensuring communication is always top-notch. This is a very efficient model if you want to stay within your planned budget and get the desired quality at the same time.

  • Hourly Model
    By the hour

    There are instances when clients are not fully clear about the requirements, timeframe, design and other aspects of the project. An hourly model works best in this case as the client can go back and forth on his ideas and have the development done accordingly.

    This is the most used engagement model by our clients because of its simplicity and consistency. In this model, clients get resources dedicated to their project 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. We understand that sometimes, the deadlines can be tough. Therefore, we put in the extra hours whenever required so that every product is delivered on or before time, with superior quality delivery.

  • Time and Material
    Scaling up with a strategy

    This is used when the resources and time can’t be estimated upfront, at the start. For a project that has a constantly-evolving scope and constantly-changing requirements, our Time & Material model is perfect. It's a great agile model that’s the best fit for iterative and incremental application development. We take your input and considerations at each stage keeping in mind that you require flexibility and continuous changes and advancements in the project.

    Adding to this, we follow a sorted project management process based on a daily/weekly reporting system, without any complexity. We charge the client based on the number of hours dedicated by each resource.

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