24 Jul

Why should you be the next big mobile app owner in the market

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From back in the 90s, how many of you remember the thick, number-buttoned mobile phones with green/yellow screens and small antennas? Well, incase you don’t, here’s a picture for you:

Ever wondered what has mobile phone technology come to, since back then? The snakes navigating through those hurdles and pieces of blocks falling into place in Tetris were all quite an entertainment back then. The ringtones, calculators, calendars. To give you a perspective, they were all gaming and utility mobile apps.

Today, we walk around with mini computers in our pockets. Our phones have slim and stylish multi-touch screens with vibrant colours, high-definition speakers and cameras. These have been leveraged by top businesses in almost every industry today, in the form of mobile apps.

The two biggest app stores, Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store contain 2.8 million and 2.2 million apps respectively. It is indeed a huge market.

Looking at apps like Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Spotify and Uber, we get the idea of the massive strides this trade has taken in service industry. Interestingly, most of these apps have had monetary gains as they charge their users for the service they offer. Since the platform here is mobile phones, these apps can potentially reach almost everyone. The idea is simple. The more number of real-life problems these apps solve for people, the more love they get. This will trend for decades to come.

And the good news is - you could be one of the future billionaire mobile app owners out there. So sit tight and enjoy the following piece of information as you could own your mobile app and make money out of it, if you are from any one of the following industries.

#1. Food

Anyone with a phone who's hungry looks for their options on the go. What better than an app that solves this problem? You could be a content provider like a Zomato or a food delivery service provider like a Swiggy. You could be neither but fill both these gaps by having an app for your own restaurant.

#2. Retail

You could be selling anything and everything from fashion apparels and beauty products to sports goods and home decor. If you have a physical shop or even an e-commerce website, you might as well have a mobile app.

#3. Travel

With giants like MakeMyTrip and Airbnb, it doesn’t take a genius to shed light on what kind of a background you need to be coming from to build your next app. A mobile app also promises to be a good bet for travel bloggers, given that WordPress has an app of its own.

#4. Fitness

Because who wouldn’t want to read tips and tricks and what diet to follow, watch video tutorials of work out sessions or even apply and subscribe for gym memberships on the go?

#5. Transport

Carpooling? Driver service provider? Renting out vehicles? If you have a business that helps people that don’t have a car go from one place to another, you need a mobile app. The GPS service of a mobile phone tracks everything for you. You don't want people to drive after a drunk party or to have a sweaty journey post a hectic work day in a Mumbai local.

#6. Health

If you’re a dentist, a psychologist, a vet or any other kind of a doctor, why don’t you have a mobile app of your own yet? Don’t you want to send notifications to your patients about their dose times and appointments? Or wait, probalby, Practo does it for you. Yeah, just another mobile app.

#7. Education

From nursery rhymes to notes for engineering and medical students, educational content holds great value. Having access to this on the go would be such a luxury! We all are aware of how the BYJU’S app has taken this industry by the storm anyway.

#8. Event Booking and Management