19 Aug

Big name celebrities to big game entrepreneurs

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Movies, Music and Sports. Almost all of your favourite celebrities come from one of these categories. While they are pulling their own weights in their field of expertise, constantly exposed to the pressure of performing at their level best, we usually don't see these celebrities mind putting their names behind one or two products they believe in. Given the work culture, since these products throw enough money at them for endorsements, to be honest, it does make sense earning an extra buck.

Although, according to recent trend, we have seen quite a few celebrities changing this side game into starting their full-fledged business and becoming titans of their industry, building multi-million if not multi-billion valuation companies. Despite parlaying fame into fortune seeming way easier to normal folks than raising startups right our of their broken garages, these big names have had their own kind of hustle in having solid business plans and providing quality products to their costumers.

Here's listing a few that caught our eyes:

#1. Jessica Alba

Having had her fair share of success starting at a very early age in Hollywood, Jessica Alba currently swaggers a whooping $1 billion valuation company that peddles baby care and household products across the United States. It was all skeptical for the super-star actress and a mother of two when she first laid down the idea of The Honest Company. But since then, there has been no stopping, as next on cards is a wider international presence. 

#2. Tony Hawk

Alongside setting professional skateparks to fire, this skateboarding legend has essentially turned the trade into a global culture. Sporting numerous video games since starting his career in early 1980s, he's also raised millions of dollars for building more than 500 skateparks across America. His company, Birdhouse Skateboards, is an entire skateboarding empire that sells trendy skateboards and related apparels expanding later into bicycles and shoes. Being ranked as the highest paid action-sports athlete in the world by Forbes in 2009, Tony Hawk has certainly proved that there's no limit when you're doing what you love.

#3. Jay Z

This widely recognised superstar has made a fortune in his business ventures only as an addition to his immensely successful rapping career. Jay Z started off funding his own record label, Roc-a-fella records, later moving on to be the CEO of Def Fam Records. His other business success stories involve a clothing line, a fragrance and a sports bar franchise estimating a net worth of more than $800 million. Not to mention, his wife, BeyoncĂ©, only adds up to make it a complete power couple.

#4. Venus Williams