30 Jul

5 things you can do to become a better version of yourself

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Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.
- Biz Stone (Co-founder, Twitter)

It usually takes minutes to envy your neighbour's success, it takes a life time to achieve it. While the most of us are struggling to get through our day, successful people always seem to have their act together. So, instead of crying about your Monday blues and celebrating your Friyays, focus on bettering yourself if you truly want to be the best. Here's a rundown of what you might want to consider: 

#1. Start your day early

One of the key things that makes a person successful is good starts to their days. A good start to the day will ensure that you are motivated and energised throughout. It gives a good vibe and keeps your focus going.

It’s tough, at the start, if you are not a morning person and you plan to switch it. But the following habits can help you achieve it:

- Plan a goal for the morning. If there is a purpose, there will be an outcome. Even though it is a small task, make sure you make a note of it OR write it down so that you are subconsciously motivated to wake up.

- Have a healthy and a heavy breakfast.

#2. Do what you love

For many of the greatest achievers of the world, losing has never been an option. That obsession of not quitting and the drive to win has pushed them to their limits and beyond.

If you do not love what you are doing, you will never be great at it. Do what you love, more so than having to love what you do. Follow your passion and everything else will pave the way for you.

#3. Keep your nose to the grindstone

Every day is different. You might be fired up one day while down in the dumps the other. Do not let the down times ruin your purpose. Don't lose your sight of your goals. Take a breather, if that's what it takes. But be prepared to crush the negativity as an when it tries to drag you down. 

Keep the desire to succeed inside you alive. Go back to that movie list you have pinned down that make you feel good, or those videos on YouTube, or the books that rejuvenate you. You could source it from anywhere. Do what it takes to be on your A game!

#4. Stay fit

A healthy body is a sign of personal discipline. Make sure you eat healthy and have a good exercise regime. If you love running early morning or late at night, do it. Get that body to work.

If you like the gym, start working on those muscles. Spice up your workout routine and exert yourself. Get those gains in or shed those extra kilos. If you are into sports, go for those high endurance, stamina oriented ones like basketball, soccer or badminton.

The release of endorphins calms your mind. Physical exertion is a great way to get that negative energy out. Channel your frustration from your mind to the body and let it all go out when you either play or work out. It will freshen you up and help you get through your day better.

#5. Care for yourself

You will not be 100% productive if you do not focus on yourself. Taking care of yourself to must be your priority. Are you waking up early? Are you eating healthy? Are you exercising regularly? Do you get enough sleep? These things essentially impact how you work through your day. If you stay true to these, it will give you tremendous results.

In the end, the body is just like a machine. It needs the proper fuel to function. It is your job to provide the fuel so that the machine works at its maximum capacity and does not wear down easily.

Also, it is not just the physical aspect but the mental one as well. Make time to meditate at least once a day. A 10 minute session of yoga or plain resting will do wonders for you. Let it calm your mind and the rest will be unbelievably taken care of.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work!