01 Nov

5 industries that could soon be disrupted by AR

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Whether you're completely immersed in technology, or you're one of those subscribers who doesn't know why they keep getting newsletter mails from tech websites in their email; it's safe to say you've already heard of the term Augmented Reality. It has been taking the tech world by storm for quite some time now. That said, there are numerous industries that have applied AR and embraced it to their advantage in amazing ways. AR being such a talk of the town, we thought of putting the word out there, picking top industries that have leveraged this magical tech and putting one or two ideas of our own behind it. 

Following are the top 5 industries that AR has started to changed the face of, already:

#1. Automotive

Ever imagined of having a driverless journey in a car? Or saw something relevant in a movie like Ironman? Imagine how cool would it be if it were true! Enter, Augmented Reality! In October, 2015, a two day conference was held at Germany, and the discussions unveiled the potential of AR in the industry. AR can be used to brighten up the driving experience and “see through displays”. AR analyses the body structure of the car and general designs and displays the information through windscreen of the car. This will display the journey information via an augmented screen. This feature of AR can help in bringing to stage driverless vehicles in future. Exciting times ahead.

#2. Health Care

Sometimes, even a second’s delay in the arrival of a specialist doctor can take away a lot from you. In such a situation, the best is to get an expert treatment from an assistant doctor on site. Wondering how is it possible? Here's how AR can make this work. Viipar, an AR app that is a video support platform, is used via google glass. The doctor who is less experienced will wear the glass and through Viipar, a specialist sitting in a different location, will be able to show the glass wearer how to successfully accomplish the surgery using augmented hands onto the patient. The glass will act as a guide for the doctor performing actual operation. There’s another app called AccuVein, which helps doctor or nurse to find patient’s vein without causing pain. 

Our tech team also tends to believe there could be quite a few applications of AR in health care. Like putting a human behind your phone's camera as if you were scanning i as your screen shows what body part is located where, like an updated version of x-ray, also showing how's each part performing based on a doctor's report you upload for the patient. 

#3. Fashion

You can’t find time to shop, but you wonder how would that pink top look on you? Well now, you can try it out without being physically present at the store. An online retailer, Lyst, gave a chance to fashion seekers to attend an AR exhibition where in they could dress up humannequins. Apart from that, The Converse Sampler, Uniqlo's Magic Mirror, etc. have been great examples of what we're talking about here. AR can let you see what cloth suits on you without actually having to be present in the store physically.

We actually believe that AR in fashion could be a massive hit. With so many big players in fashion e-commerce, we think every good platform will have a feature for you to try out clothes from home in near future.

#4. Real Estate

AR can be of an utmost benefit in the real estate where aerial views and 3-D representation of yet-to-be-developed buildings. The customers could get a realistic information on how the property will look like before actually building it. This will help the customers to see the reality and give a thought to whether to go forward with it or not. Using augmented reality, you can even decide on how you want your interiors to be designed and if it would suit your rooms or not!

Also, house hunting? Got a few open-house visits on your list? Well, time is of the essence for everyone in today's world and if it could really consume all of yours if you had to travel hundreds of miles for an open house. Augmented reality coupled with virtual reality could help you stroll across the rooms of that house while lying in your bed!

#5. Social Media and Entertainment

The well known app, Snapchat, by Evan Thomas Spiegel, has also implemented AR into it. The most recent and trending feature at the moment is the bitmoji 3D. With this, you can apply filters to the world around you. These animated bitmojis perform a new activity each day, and of course, its hilarious! All you have to do is, open your snapchat, switch on the rear camera, and then tap on the screen. You also can direct the animations by walking around and hovering your phones over different places.

On to the gaming world, the famous game ‘Pokemon Go’ that caught Pokemon from your real environment is also based on augmented reality. This game actually followed another no-so-famous one called Ingress. While these are losing the grip in the market, more games are constantly being developed and enjoyed by many people across the globe.

AR has certainly proved to be extremely powerful by now. Although the existing applications continue to blow our minds away, AR can have an even better impact by completing human tasks more effectively. From showing you ways to what you want to buy in a supermarket to showing you details of the product when you hold it in your hands behind the camera of your phone, AR can do it all and a lot more. It is an on going research and a lot of secrets are yet to be revealed.