07 Oct

10 books every entrepreneur should read

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All great leaders are great readers!
When you dream to achieve something, you do not need motivation to begin. Although, a good head start wouldn't go without appreciation. Being said, “books are humans best friends”, here are some books for the entrepreneurs that wouldn’t just motivate you to achieve your dreams but also, help you grow in life and be content:

#1. "The Entrepreneur Mind" by Kevin D. Johnson

A negative mind can never outcome a positive result. Kevin D. Johnson knows! He helps entrepreneurs across the globe to change their negative mindset, if any. His book is all jotted down with different ways you can change your negative thinking to start a business, flourish it and make it ever-lasting. 

When you fall on the last pages of the book you’ll understand when to keep things going and when it’s time to let go and start over again. To be an entrepreneur means to get a back up and, Kevin D. Johnson in his book, endeavours to teach you how to get a back up with not many scars.

#2. "Business Model Generation" by Alexander Osterwalder

For visual entrepreneurs, this is a good-to-go-with book. Most of us are more focused on pictures rather than reading, the reason why Alexander Osterwalder teaches you the hit-on-target ways to create a business plan and act on it. The book has pictures, timelines and graphs, which makes it a-must-to-have book for every visionary entrepreneur. Build a successful business plan and that’ll help you build up a successful empire.

#3. "Rework by Jason Fried" and David Hansson

For entrepreneurs who want rapid results and wouldn’t really care to go through the basics, this book is what you need. The two authors crash down the basics and invent an altogether new ways to help you get results faster.

#4. "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz

This book gives a reality check to entrepreneurs that are taught in 4x4 classrooms. Ben Horowitz endorses reality on how to build and run a start up in the real world. 

The book tells you things on how to analyse problems, find solutions and how difficult running a business actually is. The book puts you in the 'CEO mentality' by sharing Ben’s entrepreneurial story and how he overcame competition and cultivated success. The real truth about being an entrepreneur is unveiled.

#5. "My Philosophy For Successful Living" by Jim Rohn

The principles and values that you should possess for a successful living is what the book is about. Jim believes that being successful is about valuing people. 

Be kind to other and let good karma come to you. He shows you the right attitude for a successful life. With just 64 pages, you’ll understand why should you be good to people and be thankful for everything that you have already.

#6. T
he Firestarter Sessions by Danielle Laporte

LaPorte mentions 16 beautifully designed sessions of motivated goodness. Her passion will shake you over and get the actions out of you. Her personal stories give a turn to the sessions and make her seem more relatable to you.

#7. "The $100 Startup" by Chris Guillebeau